CBD for sleep

CBD For Sleep

How CBD helps with Sleep issues

In the recent years Cannabis and its compounds have gained popularity for treating a wide range of health issues.  CBT has emerged as one of the most useful cannabinoids extracted from industrial hemp or Cannabis sativa which can help the body in various ways without affecting the mental state.  Unlike THC, CBD is safe and non-psychoactive so it does not cause euphoric effects.  People use CBD for a variety of reasons and research has shown that CBD could be quite helpful in reducing the symptoms of sleep problems.

CBD for sleep

Preliminary research has shown that high dose of CBD could be quite helpful in inducing restful sleep.  The human body is programmed to have higher level of cortisol in the blood during the day and significantly lower level during the night. Patients of insomnia have an increased level of cortisol in the night that prevents peaceful sleep and keeps them up for hours. Research has shown that a daily dose of 300 to 600mg of CBD can reduce night time awakening.

Another common reason behind lack of peaceful sleep is anxiety and depression. People suffering from anxiety usually have a disturbed sleep wake cycle.  Research has shown that CPT can interact with the 5-HT1A receptors to boost the production of serotonin, the happy hormone of the body. A balanced level of serotonin uplifts mood and helps in maintaining overall functioning of the body. Over the counter medications used to treat different types of anxiety may be effective but also with certain side effects. As compared to them CBD is safe and does not cause any harmful effects on the body.

Your body needs sleep

Scientists are carrying out more reduce to know how CBD could be helpful in treating the symptoms of REM sleep disorders and excessive daytime sleepiness disorder.

People suffering from acute pain may also experience troubled asleep. Patients of cancer, Multiple sclerosis and arthritis experience prolonged pain which does not let them sleep peacefully. Both CBD and THC are quite helpful in reducing pain perception. THC is more effective and CBD should be combined with it to reduce the psychoactive effect of THC. Together these compounds can greatly reduce pain and allow the patients to sleep restfully throughout the night.

Optimum CBD dose for sleep problems

Interestingly there is no universal CBD dose that works for all of us. In fact, CBD is a personal experience and different doses of the compound have varying effects on the body. Research has shown that people who intend to use CBD for sleep problems should go for higher does. However, do not begin with very high dose because your body may not be able to tolerate such a high dose. It is recommended that you begin with 100 mg of CBD per day and increase the dose gradually over the span of weeks and observe your body closely for any positive or negative changes.  Also, be careful and avoid taking CBD with any over the counter medications as CBD my interrupt with their metabolism and cause liver toxicity.

CBD for sleep and waking performance NHS. 

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