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CBD wholesale from Green Elixir.

Wan’t Green Elixir in your store and to be your CBD wholesaler? Say no more. Here at Green Elixir we offer you with lab approved premium CBD products which are safe, fairly priced and effective. Our interest is to be the UK’s leading CBD retailer and we will do this as we deeply care about the service and experience all of our customers and partners get.

All of our CBD is british made and third party lab tested, as a result of this we are able to personally control the quality of our products which we supply and make sure it’s of the highest quality CBD which we are providing you! As CBD is relatively new to the UK you will find many companies selling CBD, some will be expensive and some really cheap so who should you trust? The answer is Green Elixir! Did you know 88% of our customers will comeback and re order from us that statistic alone says it all. 

Why Green Elixir should be your CBD wholesaler?
  • Fast Delivery (3-5 days)
  • Trusted Brand and product
  • 24/7 trade support
  • Great prices

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