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When you make the decision that you want to join the full spectrum CBD lifestyle it’s important to know what you’re buying. To ensure safety and effectiveness of our CBD products we conduct regular lab tests. This will give you a clear view of CBD amounts vs THC amounts (typically at 0.95% this will not get you HIGH!).

As the CBD market grows so does the competition, this means that you can never be sure what your buying unless these companies have genuine lab results. Our advice to you is if the prices look too good it will probably be hemp oil or a very broad spectrum CBD or even olive oil! 

This won’t harm you but will not be very effective. We offer Full Spectrum which is the purest kind of CBD you can get. Full spectrum CBD will cost you more however it’s much more effective and (from feedback) helps with anxiety, aches and pains and sleep.

The prices we display are true to our products if you want pure quality CBD oil which is actually going to benefit you Green Elixir is the way forward!

see below lab results

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