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Here at Green Elixir we offer you with lab approved premium CBD products which are safe, fairly priced and effective. Our interest is to be the UK’s leading CBD retailer and we will do this as we deeply care about the service and experience all of our customers get.

All of our CBD is british made and third party lab tested as a result of this we are able to personally control the quality of our products which we supply our customers and make sure it’s the highest quality CBD which we are providing you! As CBD is relatively new to the UK you will find many companies selling CBD, some will be expensive and some really cheap so who should you trust? The answer is Green Elixir! Did you know 88% of our customers will comeback and re order from us that statistic alone says it all. 

We offer full spectrum which is the purest kind of CBD you can get. Full spectrum CBD will cost you more however it’s much more effective and (from feedback) helps with anxiety, aches and pains and sleep.. We offer free UK shipping on all orders! 

At Green Elixir we understand the importance of quality ingredients and the need to scrutinize processing from seed to sale. Our team stands behind our products 100%. Our hemp is legal, organic and is third-party lab-tested. People worldwide have been supplementing their diets with our premium CBD extract. This is thanks not only to our unique hemp extract cultivars but also to the farmers who grow and harvest our organic hemp.

Why Green Elixir?
  • Our CBD is UK manufactured because of this we are able to offer fast delivery and cost effective quality goods.
  • We lab test all of our products so all of our CBD is safe and effective.
  • Free first class shipping on all orders because we love our customer.
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The 3000mg CBD oil for the win!
Really helps me dealing with my anxiety. Highly reccomend
Lucy Smith

Free Delivery On All Orders!

Premium CBD With Free Delivery!

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